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Stingray sunglasses

Dedicated Fishermen need uncompromising eyewear. More than 20 years of experience in the eyewear industry has helped us develop the Stingray sunglasses range, which will not just cope with the harsh conditions, but provide excellent clarity, colour separation, depth perception and zero eye fatigue for every fisherman.

Stingray has 3 ranges of sunglasses suitable for Ocean / Flats Fishing, Morning / Low Light Fishing, and All Rounders. Our superior lens technology solutions designed to help you spot that fish before it spots you…

Manufactured using only A+ grade materials including marine grade stainless steel, high-grade Polycarbonates, shatter-proof lenses, anti-glare -, anti-scratch and hydrophobic coatings.

Stingray sunglasses


For more information regarding Stingray products, email us via the Contact Page or call us directly on +64 9 479 5524

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