WalknTalk mobile phone accessories

walk n talk, walk and talk, walkntalkToday’s consumer is more demanding, time-starved, informed and choice-saturated than ever before.┬áThat’s why WalknTalk focuses on making it easy for the customer. Innovative, simplistic and easy-to-understand packaging ensures┬ácustomers can easily identify their needs, and choose the right product.

WalknTalk products are one of the few products on the market that are approved for iPhone, iPod and iPad. They are also compatible with most other brands (compatibility of each product is clearly marked on the packaging).

The WalknTalk packaging features book-style openings with a magnet on the front flap, once the flap is opened the customer can read a plain-English basic explanation of how to use the product. Packaging also features a premium hangsell piece, clear connector communication, unique selling points clearly highlighted, compatibility on the side panel, product specs on the back of the pack, and Product Identification of the top of the pack.

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new to the walkntalk range

Car chargers

Lightning, Micro and 30 Pin connectors all offer 1 amp of power, fast charging, and a 1.2m cable.

The 2.1 amp dual USB car charger can achieve a very fast charge on a tablet or two smartphones simultaneously; while the 3.4 amp version will provide a superfast charge.

Premium charge and sync cables

Lightning, Micro and 30 Pin connectors allow you to charge your smartphone or other device from a car charger, wall charger, PC or Powerbank. They also allow you to transfer important data between your smartphone or other device, and your PC.

Wall charger

The 2.1 amp lighting connector or micro connector options offer a very fast charge and a 1m cable; while the new 3.4 amp version gives a superfast charge up to 40% faster.

WalknTalk Powerbank

The premium Powerbanks are charged and ready to go! For power on the go simply connect a compatible cable with your smartphone or tablet. Each Powerbank holds 4400mAH – enough for 2 full smartphone charges. The WalknTalk Powerbanks are fully rechargeable, making them a must-have for travellers.

Other WalknTalk accessories

Many other accessories are available including headphones, audio cables, and car mobile phone holders.

WalknTalk mobile phone accessories are exclusively available in NZ from Signature Marketing NZ, so get in touch!