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Today’s consumer is more demanding, time-starved, informed and choice-saturated than ever before. That’s why WalknTalk focuses on making it easy for the customer. Innovative, simplistic and easy-to-understand packaging ensures customers can easily identify their needs, and choose the right product.

Since its inception over a decade ago, Walkntalk enjoys strong customer loyalty with continual year on year growth. All products undergo exhaustive quality assurance testing and all products satisfy Australian and New Zealand standards.

Our Apple compatible range of products are all MFI certified (Made for iPhone). WalknTalk products are also compatible with most other brands (compatibility of each product is clearly marked on the packaging).

walkntalk phone charger

WALKNTALK Mobile phone accessories

For more information regarding WalknTalk products, email us via the Contact Page or call us directly on +64 9 479 5524

A selection of WalknTalk products are also available to purchase online from

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