Zephyr Sunglasses, Hats and Accessories

zephyr, zephyr sunglasses, zephyr hatsZephyr is New Zealand’s best-selling convenience sunglasses brand, currently available in BP, Z, Caltex, Fix and many other locations.

The range includes on-trend sunglasses, seasonal hats, and an awesome range of licenced headwear.

Zephyr focuses on creating cool styles that consumers love, and as a result our retailers that have taken on the range have experienced a noticeable increase in sales volume.


Zephyr Sunglasses

All sunglasses comply with the AS/NZS1067 revised 2003 standard. In addition, safety glasses comply with the relevant safety standards. So you can rest assured you’re selling a quality product.

There are 4 ranges of sunglasses available, including Fashion, Safety, Driving and Polarised.


Licenced Headwear

Zephyr’s range of licenced headwear includes current in-demand franchises such as the Avengers, Star Wars, Angry Birds, UFC, Jim Beam, and more.


Kids’ Headwear

Zephyr has the coolest range of kids’ hats and earmuffs around!


Seasonal Headwear

We offer seasonal rotation of product so you’re never displaying something that’s not actually going to sell. From snuggly winter beanies and ear-muff hats, monster-themed kids’ winter hats, and summer caps and hats in a wide range of styles.

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